Γκαλ Γκαντότ: Η νέα «Κλεοπάτρα» από το Ισραήλ και για πάντα «Wonder Woman»

Η κινηματογραφική Wonder Woman ενισχύθηκε από τη δυναμική αύρα της Γκαντότ, το μικρό όνομα της οποίας στα εβραϊκά σημαίνει «κύμα» – και σαν …


After losing 140 pounds, Saskatoon woman shocked to learn province won’t cover skin-removal surgeries | Francois Biber

SASKATOON — Brianna Bowyer, 25, is trying to raise $18,000 for skin-removal surgeries after the province denied coverage for her following her rapid …

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The Internet Is Floored By A Woman Running A 5:25 Mile While 9 Months Pregnant | Elizabeth Logan

TikTok has given us some superhuman tricks and stunts in the past, but nothing has come close to this impressive feat: a woman running a mile in under five and a half minutes…while nine months pregnant. As so many athletes have shown us in the past, you should never underestimate what a pregnant …

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This Woman Upcycles Thrifted Plastic Dollhouses Into Elegant Haunted Mansions and We're Obsessed | By Kelly Corbett

Talk about a transformation!
If you thought Juli Steel’s abandoned dollhouses were the most perfect Halloween decor, wait until you see this crafty mom’s spooky miniature houses.
Recently Samantha Browning’s all-black haunted house gained some traction on Facebook with over 100,000 shares and 25,000 …

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